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Influencer Marketing

With unusually strong ROIs, high branding value and exceptional reach – Influencer Marketing has cemented itself as a marquee marketing channel. The results however, are a product of meticulous planning, strategy and flawless execution.
We combine our team of Influencer Marketing Strategists, Creative Professionals and Campaign Managers with our wide-spread Influencer Network to help brands produce the best, most talked about campaigns across all domains.

Why Influencer Marketing?

1. It goes within the circle of trust –– A recent survey revealed 92% millennials revealed they fully trust recommendations from their favourite YouTubers. This really is a telling factor behind the amount of trust and loyalty an Influencer carries with them. Would you buy a product that your friend loves or one that a pushy salesman forces you onto? A product, when promoted by an influencer, comes like a recommendation from a friend.

2. It uses the power of word-of-mouth – It’s been an age old saying in advertising that word-of-mouth is the best form of selling. Ads that have been successful at starting conversations, have built lasting brands. Influencer Marketing, however, has made this process very accessible as the backbone of any Influencer Campaign lies in word-of-mouth. By tapping into the power of conversation, Influencer Marketing far outperforms all its counterparts.

3. Its personal and humane – Digital Advertising has been a polarizing force lately. With ads turning intrusive and barring, there has been a backlash against all forms of ads stemming from this hate for intrusiveness. With 42% of all Internet users using ad-blocks, it’s evident that traditional ads are quite ineffective. Influencer Marketing, however, adds a humane and personal touch to marketing. It has proven itself as a reliable alternative, bringing in great campaign results while building a positive relationship with the audiences.

Why Aspeko?

3 reasons why Aspeko is the right Influencer Agency for your brand

1. First Movers – Being first movers in a budding Influencer Marketing ecosystem in India, we’ve already set the benchmark with multiple successful campaigns for major national brands in the country.

2. High-calibre team – With an in-house talent pool consisting of the top-tier creatives and strategists in the Influencer Marketing ecosystem, we provide brands with a talent leverage that out-classes the rest to produce buzz-worthy, highly engaging, creative campaigns.

3. Influencer Networks – Having built fruitful, long-lasting relationships with major Indian Influencers across an array of domains like Fashion. Technology, Lifestyle and more, we have built a network of highly trusted & well-followed Influencers that cater to brands in all niches and domains.

Our Process


Understanding a brand for curving out the right influencer program for a successful online impact.


Creating an all-round strategy to get the best influencer outreach


Effective implementation of the strategy for making a mark at the influencer marketplace


Measure the effectiveness of the campaigns through time-tested parameters and share the results with our clients.

Other Services

Online Brand Management – OBM consists of a suite of services that helps brands manage their messaging, personality and presence across all digital platforms to ensure consistent, authentic branding representation and management.

Online Reputation Management – Issues, complaints and problems can sometimes get the wrong attention, creating unfavourable online chatter. We provide services to handle such crises with the right tact, manner and grace to ensure your brand retains the goodwill, trust and value in the eyes of the consumers