Who We Are?

Aspeko is a solution-driven Digital Influencer Agency that helps brands produce exceptional results using comprehensive, all-round digital strategies centred upon the power of trust, connection and authenticity.

Founded in 2017, we have established ourselves as a prominent Influencer Marketing platform in India by being first-movers in an exponentially growing industry of Influencer Marketing.

We cater to brands across a wide range of domains – be it fashion, lifestyle, technology or beauty. With our strong network of Influencers across each niche and area, we help brands produce stellar campaigns in collaboration with the best domain experts in the target markets.

As an Influencer Marketing Agency with an array of major national brands on our ever-expanding portfolio, we’re ready to take off on an exponential growth curve – learning, iterating and doing our best work in the process.

What We Do?

We are an Influencer agency with the right set of tools, talent and expertise to help brands win big by tapping into the power of Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing


We help brands collaborate with the right influencers to access high-value audiences. With the right creative, planning and execution, we produce results that delight consumers and propel brands towards accomplishing their goals. With great talent, a strong network of Influencers and an ever-expanding client-base of major national brands, we see a bright future ahead for Influencer Marketing in India.

 Reputation Management


With ideal customer service, instant complaint redressal and constant online monitoring – we help brands create a responsive, genuine and positive presence on the web by pro-actively ensuring that brand-trust and reputation remain high and favourable. In a rapidly evolving Influencer Marketplace, we help brands build an impeccable reputation that ensures they deploy successful, high-impact Influencer programs and campaigns.

Our Services

Online Crisis Management


Issues, complaints and problems can sometimes get the wrong attention, creating unfavourable online chatter. As a Digital Influencer Agency with strong Influencer outreach, we leverage Influencer marketing for companies to provide services to handle such crises with the right tact, manner and grace to ensure your brand retains the goodwill, trust and value in the eyes of the consumers.
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Our Influencers

We work with premier Indian Influencers across the spectrum – from mainstream, major influencers to niche, tight-knit domain authorities – to provide brands with an unbeatable network of Influencers with the right depth, value and reach for their campaigns.


Influencer Services & Platforms – Instagram Influencer Marketing, YouTube Influencer Marketing, Facebook Influencer Marketing, Twitter Influencer Marketing, Blogger Agency services.
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Blogger Agency

Our Campaigns


A brief look at some of our best campaigns. Check out how we leveraged our talent, expertise and networks to generate stellar results using Influencer Marketing for companies in India.

#JioBeliebers for Jio

Take a look at how we helped Jio create nation-wide buzz, boost ticket sales for the first-ever Justin Bieber concert in India. With a total reach 49 Million People, we were successful in deploying one of the first viral Twitter and Instagram Influencer marketing campaigns in the country.
Diagram with Campaign Stats & Results – Link to Our Campaigns Page

 #CanDo for Cox and Kings

Check out how we helped Cox and Kings generate massive traction, tap the perfect niche audience and win mainstream media praise by running a perfectly aimed Influencer program.
Diagram with Campaign Stats & Results – Link to Our Campaigns Page

#HallaBol for Euphoria

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Our Process


Understanding a brand for curving out the right influencer program for a successful online impact.


Creating an all-round strategy to get the best influencer outreach


Effective implementation of the strategy for making a mark at the influencer marketplace


Measure the effectiveness of the campaigns through time-tested parameters and share the results with our clients.

Why Influencer Marketing?


people trust recommendations from their favorite celebrities. Influencer marketing breaks into the circle of trust and positions your product effectively.


online customers use adblocks. People believe in a testimonial rather than relying on a paid advertisement. Influencer marketing provides word of mouth from a trusted source.


An effective tool to increase sales and customer acquisition, influencer marketing 37% higher customer retention rate than other advertising sources.


We work with influencers across categories


Auto | Fashion | Food | Lifestyle | Parenting | Technology | Travel


One of the best twitter handles with comic tweets across domains. Featured in newspapers, magazines, etc. Followed by more than 30,000 people

Sharmaji Technical

The first hindi technology youtuber in India. More than 750,000 Subscribers. 91+ Million Views.

RVCJ Media

The most followed Facebook page in India. Followed by 25+ Million people.


One of the leading Instagram pages in India. Followed by more than a Million people

One of the leading influencer marketing companies of India with a focus on innovation and creativity

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We assist you in making your Social Media Campaign go viral by our channel specific campaign solutions

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About Aspeko

A leading digital influencer agency and blogger agency of India with a customer focused team committed to provide all-inclusive digital solutions to brands.
Our strength lies in:
1. Creativity
2. Impeccable execution
3. Experienced and dedicated team

We assure unmatched customer outreach. We provide measurable results to showcase the effectiveness of our efforts.
Our customers appreciate our professionalism.

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